About Us

Marion M. Chamberlain, MBA

Accomplished, creative, analytical, and dynamic entrepreneur with international background. Corporate strategy, sustainability programming and change management expert. New business startup specialist, expertly demonstrating well-rounded expertise in functional business areas including leadership, corporate social responsibility, marketing, finance, and operations. Highly regarded by organizations in growth mode for consistent demonstration of professional guidance, exceeding client and company expectations. Goal-oriented and visionary business developer, with exceptional capacity for strategic planning and grasp on procedural operations. Collaborative and motivational team leader, mentor, and coach. Risk taker with passion for tackling projects with sensitive political interaction. Adeptly work through trials and glitches. Fluent in German as native speaker. Areas of expertise:

Corporate Strategy • Sustainability Programming • Corporate Social Responsibility • Training • Leadership Development • Business Diversity Initiatives • Change Management • New Business Startup • Small Business Growth & Development • Mentorship/Coaching • Project Management • Strategic Marketing

Dawn Malinowski

For any business, Dawn saw the power of networking. But networking with women not only empowered her to be a better businesswoman but to stick up to some of the male injustices she has witnessed over the years. After meeting Marion, Dawn realized that they could work together to create something unique and she knew she could help empower women in the business world.

Dawn Malinowski owns SocialTrend Marketing Solutions which creates and oversees the implementation of hundreds of marketing campaigns for both small and large companies throughout the tri-state area. Using multiple social media platforms, Google Ads management, search engine optimization, graphic design, and website development, Dawn and her staff have successfully provided businesses with the guidance to improve their online media presence by developing campaigns that connect the vision of the individual business owner to the needs of potential customers.

Dawn’s success has resulted in her being asked to give presentations at many business groups, chamber of commerce meetings and conferences on various topics such as social media marketing, search engine optimization and website design. These presentations have been met with rave reviews because they provide business owners with options to efficiently, effectively and immediately promote their businesses through proven social media programs.