About PowHerFul Networking

PowHerFul Networking is a networking community for women entrepreneurs who are redefining entrepreneurship. What does that mean? One thing Covid-19 has shown us is that women are still the ones who continue to shoulder the majority of responsibilities. As a woman running her own business, you have been faced with trying to sustain your business, possibly homeschooling your children, tending to elder care, maybe even fostering animals and the list could go on.
PowHerFul Networking was co-founded by two women entrepreneurs, Dawn Malinowski and Marion Chamberlain, who knew that there had to be a better solution to sustaining and building your business during the crisis and beyond. Both had used in-person networking and referrals through their network as their primary business growth tool. With the pandemic this came to a screeching halt and had them navigating the now stormy waters of digital marketing. Even with Dawn running a successful digital marketing company, she was challenged to lay out plans to market differently and what the new best practices were. Both realized that as a small business, networking is the number one tool no matter what. Your network indeed equates to your net worth as a business (and in life). But let’s be honest. We’re not missing being on the road driving to and from networking events.

We are now all living with a new normal. Zooming has become a verb. Virtual connection and working from home is becoming a business standard. We believe this is a huge moment for women entrepreneurs. Before the pandemic, having your business home-based might be cause for some snide comments and not being taken as seriously. Well, that’s all out the door now. You’re having the opportunity to build your business differently.
Women in pantsuits (if you love yours stick with it) are so yesterday. Seeing children and pets making cameos during virtual meetings are so everyday. Work hours have changed to accommodate life’s needs. Work-life integration is the focus and not work-life balance. There isn’t a separation, i.e. needing to leave your personal life at the door. But we are living in a virtual world now. And that isn’t so bad for us women. It gives us more time. We believe that there isn’t a better time to be a woman entrepreneur or start as one. The traditional business model is being torn down and rebuilt.

Enter PowHerFul Networking. We strongly believe that networking is the number one tool to build your business. We are here to connect women virtually who are committed to supporting one another and redefining entrepreneurship. Let’s create a movement of women entrepreneurs building a business on their terms while being part of a community of supportive women. We look forward to welcoming you to PowHerFul Networking!

What do PowHerFul Networking events look like?

Virtually - one hour in length.

Guided conversation with worksheets sent in advance. Topics vary by month.

You will have an opportunity to ask for support, but also are tasked with offering support.

Children and pets will make many cameos. Top buns or bedhead might be the norm. Casual Friday is now Casual Monday, Casual Tuesday, Casual Wednesday and Casual Thursday. And Zoom might have the Zoomies.

You’re our guest for your first event. The networking continues for paid members in our own private community. We have chosen a platform that allows us to foster an air of positivity and privacy.

Our mission is to connect women entrepreneurs doing business their way (or redefining entrepreneurship) by building their network and offering opportunities for both business and personal growth.

Why should you join us?

Get answers to the business questions you can’t just Google.

Learn faster and make better decisions about your business and what matters most to you.

Share stories, experiences, best practices and ideas. It’s way beyond theory. It’s all about what’s working. Not some floofy advice.

Find inspiration from other members who are on the same path as you.

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